How To Deal With Cow Poop





Ever thought about the cows that provide the milk that makes the cheese that brings so much delight to so many of us? Most of us, people of the cities would have a mental image of a cow , standing in a field, perhaps swishing it’s tail and munching slowly. All that munching would certainly make for healthy cows that provide high quality milk, but, also, it provides a lot, and I do mean a lot, of poop.

Now, of course, this is not a subject that would pop up in daily conversations; but it has been in the news recently for its contribution to climate change. It is an issue so what to do about it? The options, according to one farmer from Italy are endless, as he shows us in his Museo della  Merda, The Museum of Shit.  Here you can see how cow dung is transformed into energy, plastic, bricks and urea. It is a stylized, surprising  and in fact inspiring presentation of the possibilities of a subject we usually do not want to see much of!

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3 responses to “How To Deal With Cow Poop

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  2. I want to visit that museum!

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