The Chipotle Saga


Much has been written about Chipotle’s recent GMO policy announcement, most of it amazingly sane and factual. This is quite a change from the reflexive aversion to anything GMO that the media often comes up with. It is cheering to think that the fog of hysteria is slowly lifting to let the facts shine!

  • Here are some interesting reads on this:
  • From The Washington Post
  • From the Iowa Farm Bureau
  • From a farmer who raises pigs
  • From NPR who can’t take it seriously
  • From Quartz who point out that all corn is genetically modified so what about the tortillas?


(Image Courtesy: tsunamistudio at

3 responses to “The Chipotle Saga

  1. I think the Quartz article is playing a silly semantic game, which is a shame because the history and science they present are pretty interesting.

  2. I just scanned the NW piece, but it seemed pretty on target, it just had some of the typical errors of a reporter trying to grapple with a big topic with limited background.

    I’d love to see more reporters on that beat – Amy Harmon at the NYT is one of the few who really know their stuff.

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