#Farming Friday 34: Spring on the Farm!

Spring is one of the best times of year, this is probably because there are so many visible signs of the season. All of these signs are a reminder that winter is coming to an end and the warmer weather of summer is right around the corner.

Here are some of our favorite signs of spring.

New calfCalves

For anyone that raises livestock, a sure sign of spring is the birth of their young.

Planting GardenPlanting Tomatoes

Starting your garden means spring time! The air is getting warmer, and the days are getting longer, it is time to get out there and plant your fruits and veggies. Flower Blooms

With April showers bring May flowers. In the spring all of the flowers and trees start to bloom and the once gray colors of winter turn into the bright colors of spring.


Last, but not least, the most obvious sign of spring around here. Farmers in the fields…

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