OzHarvest Feeds 5000 in Sydney’s Martin Place

Loved this piece on acting to save food waste! Thanks for sharing, Julie Green.

Piece in Chaos

Yesterday was a little different to most Mondays. I journeyed to the city to eat food, but it wasn’t any old lunch. It was made from rescued food that would’ve otherwise gone to waste and it was entirely free.

One of Australia’s leading food-rescue charities, OzHarvest (named the official Australian partner of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) global campaign Think. Eat. Save.), hosted Feeding the 5000 in Sydney’s Martin Place to highlight how simple it can be to reduce food waste* and to show ways that governments, businesses and individuals can help.

I didn’t have to wait long before I got my beautiful vegie curry with onion relish, rice, natural yoghurt, and a chapati wrap. For dessert (after waiting in the biggest line there – I gotta give it to the OzHarvest volunteers), I drooled over my apple crumble with cream, it was amazing!

With a pop-up milk…

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