A brave fight being fought by Filipino scientists, regulators and others for biotechnological science, technology and innovation

The Biotechnology Battle in the Philippines

Socio-Economics, Biosafety & Decision Making

I have met with many of these scientists, regulators and other stakeholders involved in theImage responsible regulation of GM biotechnologies in the Philippines. I know they are extremely conscious about due diligence and for doing what is best for their country. These are people which have been quite active in the discussions leading to formulating policies and positions, as well as, innovative approaches to delivering appropriate biotechnologies and other technologies for the improvement of Filipino farmers’ livelihoods. Technologies which have already been delivering benefits to farmers.

I have been quite energized every time I have visited the Philippines when learning about the innovative approaches to technology especially when learning also of the many financial and human resources limitations they have. My support goes to these communities who are battling for their sovereign rights and for doing what is best for their country. I do hope that those pressure groups who…

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