Looking Ahead…..

It has been a hectic few weeks as the year closed, in fact it seemed like a hectic year all throughout! At times like these, harried and rushed we forget to pay attention to the fuel we are using and reach for the sweet treats and turn into the nearest fast food place. So, here is an idea for a resolution: before we eat, let’s stop and think about our choices. Apparently, we are starting to make better food decisions, eating more fruit and yogurt and cutting back on beef. But we still cannot seem to let go of the corn and potatoes, the cheese and sweets so that needs some work.

Thank you for reading and supporting Thought+Food this year, that is what keeps this endeavor going. I will continue to follow the Farm Bill and the school lunch issues more closely and bring you information that is essential to keeping you, your family and the planet healthy. A very Happy New Year! See you in 2012!

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