Dinner in a Box

I came across this interesting article which captures the two basic problems in the kitchen today: time and skills. The writer makes the point that for parents getting home from work and then ferrying the kids to various activities, there is very little time to prepare a dinner from scratch with fresh ingredients. Add to that the fact that many of these parents grew up on TV dinners themselves and their culinary skills are basic or even in some cases, lacking and the problem gets more complicated. So, what is the harried parent  to do? Is stopping by a fast food place or heating up a packaged dinner in the microwave once a week  completely off the table? No, I don’t think it should be, not if this happens once a week. Unlike the cooking shows we all love to watch, we do not cook in a beautiful kitchen studio or a sunny deck in some gorgeous countryside with all the time in the world. We cook in a time crunch, while supervising homework and doing chores and we have to clean up afterwards. Opting out once a week so we stay sane and actually enjoy the kids ice-skating or playing soccer and talking to them  is just fine.

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