Farms in Crisis

So it has come to this: small farmers in the U.S. are finding it so difficult to make a living, they have to supplement their income with pick-your-own activities or offering the “farm experience” to clueless urban dwellers or giving it up altogether as in this story.

Our current model of big agri-business dominating the farm sector has been shown to be deeply flawed. Farm workers are poorly treated, crop diversity is decreasing and our diet is skewed. It is time to empower the small farmer, to ensure that we grow more fruits and vegetables and incorporate that in our diet instead of consuming huge amounts of corn-based products. So redirecting subsidies to where they are truly beneficial is essential, let us not continue to pay people to not grow corn or soy.

On a lighter note, I love the pick-your-own programs, its great for the kids to see where their food actually comes from and the berries and apples we had so much fun picking do, in fact, taste sweeter!

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