How the Subsidy Garden Grows

America’s Subsidy Garden – Politics – Utne Reader.

Fascinating infographic on how the White House kitchen garden would look if it reflected federal subsidies! The first thing that comes to mind is: why do we need so much corn? and then: hey, what happened to the fruits and vegetables?

We need to grow more fruits and vegetables to meet the minimum dietary requirements and we certainly do not need to be helping corn any more. All this money going to corn, soy and tobacco would be much better channeled to fruits and vegetables. Remember that this picture has a hidden layer: our current corn based diet is a factor in the rising rates of obesity, diabetes and high healthcare costs so we pay at the grocery store for bad food choices and then again we pay huge medical bills for consequent illness. Redirecting subsidy payments to fruit and vegetable crops will mean a varied, more healthy diet. So I can put a healthier dinner on the table, avoid visits to the doctor, not have to worry about medical bills and know that we have a more robust food system. It’s not rocket science, but will it become a reality in the 2012 Farm Bill? Maybe you can pose that question when someone comes to ask for your valuable vote.

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