Healthy Food: for You and for the Planet


Two interesting ideas food ideas this week which offer possible solutions to health and environmental concerns. First. James Gorman proposes eating invasive species as a way of  tackling the problem. Apparently, there is an ongoing effort to rename the invading Asian carp as “Kentucky Tuna” and persuade people to eat it. It is ironic that many natives of Asian countries used to have to travel far and wide in the U.S. to purchase carp which can make a delicious meal. And the same idea can be extended to lionfish, pythons (exploding population in Florida), armadillos etc to name just a few. This could work well for the plant world too and rid us of weeds.

Mark Bittman presents an elegant solution  to our bad eating habits. Anybody can prepare healthy food at home , he argues, if they care to learn 3 basic techniques: making a salad (involves no cooking at all), rice and lentils combination  ( has the added merit of being easy on the budget) and a stir-fry  (works equally well for meats and vegetables). He tackles arguments about lack of access to produce, lack of time, lack of skill, lack of resources and has convincing answers to these problems.  My two cents: a little planning goes a long way to getting dinner on the table everyday. Just try it.

2 responses to “Healthy Food: for You and for the Planet

  1. many Healthy Food provide by our planet. i like this post

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