More on Biofortification

Two articles at present various aspects of the biofortification issue. The first raises questions on the viability of the biofortified crops that have already been developed, while the other tries to set these doubts at rest. A lot of reporting on this topic is clouded by concerns of genetic modification (which is not synonymous with biofortification) or the probability of the benefits of this technology actually reaching those suffering from malnutrition. We need to separate the facts from the noise as we appraoch this issue. This technology represents a great opportunity to improve the health and well-being of many people and  should be evaluated very seriously.

2 responses to “More on Biofortification

  1. I agree. Genetic modification in the sense of nutrient additions to nutrient poor staple crops is one of the best things that can be done for populations living on the margins of viable agricultural land.

    Separate the facts from the noise? I wish you the best of luck and I am with you all the way, but it is the most difficult uphill slog I have encountered.

    Well, not quite! The other one is convincing people not to breed so much. That’s a hard one too.


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