Year End Food Reads and Possibilities for 2016


On the last day of the year, some insights on the year in agriculture in the US, research on farming and rural communitiesand a look at the growing place of agricultural biotechnology in the food system.

As a planet, we all had a moment of hope as the Paris climate talks seemed to bring some possibility of action in the right direction but climate disruption is already impacting food production and food security in many communities. A plan to combat climate change must include a plan for food production and the understanding that conservation and agriculture are not separate and opposing goals. Rather, initiatives that focus on both are optimal.

While it is encouraging to see the efforts to reduce food waste on the consumption side, much remains to be done on reducing postharvest losses which are particularly significant in developing economies: great reads on that here.

My wish for 2016: less shouting from entrenched positions and more efforts at working together to nurture a food system that can combat hunger, malnutrition and climate change. Inspired by a farmer’s call for unity.

Thank you for stopping by to read this year! See you in 2016!

(Image Courtesy: Serge Bertasius Photography,

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