How Birds Help Control Pests and Save Coffee


The coffee corn borer beetle is a threat to coffee crops in almost every country. A study from Costa Rica shows an interesting way to deal with it: by preserving areas of rain forest around coffee fields. The rain forests are home to several species of birds that feed on the beetles, thereby reducing crop damage. The species were identified by studying bird poop which had remains of the beetles. The researchers calculated that the birds provided increases in yield from $75 to $310 per hectare annually. So farmers have better incomes and there are improved environmental outcomes, and we continue to enjoy our coffee! You can read the study here.

The need to align agricultural and conservation goals is crucial as they are closely linked, a previous post lists encouraging examples from around the globe.

(Image Courtesy: “Coffee Cups With Coffee Beans, KEKO64,

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  1. It’s nice when goals align….

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