#Farming Friday 22: Want To Be A Farmer?


Are you planning your life ahead and thinking you might want to try farming?  Is this going to be a viable and fulfilling option, you wonder? The answer, it seems , can vary widely. In the US, a recent article with the somewhat dismal title “Don’t Let Your Children Grow Up to be Farmers” has been gaining  a lot of attention. The discussion throws up concerns over scale of farming, credit etc. In contrast, young farmers in Kenya are presented with farming as a great opportunity to contribute to their country’s development, earn a good living and even, be “cool”! What is your opinion?

3 responses to “#Farming Friday 22: Want To Be A Farmer?

  1. I aspire to be a farmer and although article like the one in the NY Times sometimes make me feel that this path is a poor life choice I think again to my real reasons for going into the sector. Food and Farming is one of the crucial sectors for the future and thus provides exciting opportunities to make a real difference if your career is shaped in the right way.

    • It is certainly a difficult job but, I like to think, a very rewarding one since you are fulfilling such a basic human need. Its great that you have chosen this path, good luck!!

  2. I can remember my grandparents saying how in Continental Europe people in 1945/46 after the war were going from the cities to the villages with their very last possessions that they might have left from the bombings. Like they would carry a grandfather clock on their back (!) and roam the villages to find a farmer willing to trade if for ham, eggs, poultry, bread, whatever. These city people don’t always understand the importance of farming NEAR you. If there was a big conflict, hell, even if that volcano on Iceland blew up and air traffic was seriously curtailed, a lot of fresh produce from overseas would be stopped right where it was harvested. So what better position to be in if you already can inherit a farm from your parents? Study all you want, but consider going back there …

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