Summer Food Reads



Summer is finally here!Time to head to the beach or, perhaps Paris(always my dream!)? Wherever we go, along with the flip flops and passports come the books. So, here are some interesting food related books that I came across:

Good and Cheap” by Leanne Brown offers recipes and  cooking ideas for $4 a day, or what could be spent on food based on a SNAP allowance. The recipes are mostly vegetarian, many are grain based and would be of interest to many of us trying to put healthy food on the table but also trying to vary the diet. Is it a good resource for those actually living on assistance? Would this work for a family? Read the book to decide!

Blue Plate Special” by Kate Christensen is described as a personal account of the power of food to transform a person’s life. One of the interesting things about the food world is precisely the intensity of people’s relationship with food one reason why making changes in diet or in policy is often so fraught with difficulty.   The story of a life in relation to food sounds intriguing.

American Catch: The Fight For Our Local Seafood” by Paul Greenberg journeys from the local to the global: the disappearance of oysters from New York, the startling statistic that reveals how most of the nutrient rich salmon caught in the US is actually shipped over to Asia and the battle for the market between local and imported farm raised shrimp form the subject matter. But it is the exploration of people coming together to bring changes to these situations that I am waiting to discover.

I would love to hear your thoughts if you read/ have read any of these books so please do share!


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