It’s Not the Right to Know but Big Organic vs. The Small Papaya Grower

Important point here about respecting the farmer’s expertise and knowledge. Food policy shouldnot revolve solely around consumer concerns which are often manipulated by industry interests.



My thoughts on the whole biotech issue here in Hawaii… When you’re a doctor, your authority is respected. You can decide the treatment for your patients and the kind of medicines that you will prescribe. When you’re a dentist, you are also allowed to decide your plan of care for that resident. These professionals have gone to school and training to get the expertise that they do to work in their respected fields.  They hold the expertise to do what they do.

The general public and politicians are not allowed to dictate to these professionals what their clinical decisions will be. It is just not in their scope or expertise to take up such roles and is unethical for them to decide that.

Given that, why the heck are we allowing the general public and politicians to be given full authority to decide for farmers what they can and can’t…

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