#Farming Friday 5: What is Wasabina?



This series was a part of my New Year resolution and at the back of my mind was the misgiving that it might be difficult to keep it up. But it has turned out to be one of the best things I ever did! There are so many wonderful blogs from farmers all over the world which are a delight to read; and my new challenge is to choose just one among the many for Farming Friday.

Today’s blog is from Echigo Farm in Springfield, MO which specializes in growing traditional Japanese produce! They grow wasabina, mizuna, komatsuna, Japanese momotaro tomatoes and many other vegetables. Stopping by their blog to discover how these exotic sounding vegetables are flourishing in the Ozarks  was an experience I wanted to share with you. Oh, and wasabina is a variety of Japanese greens which is rich in iron and calcium and features in the farm’s winter greens mix.Hopefully, I will find it in a store somewhere near me!

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