Americans’ catfish is going to be Made in the US once again and also more expensive

This piece evoked a very personal response. I cook fish frequently for my family. My native cuisine is rich in fish dishes and catfish is ideal for making curries with the flavor of the cooking I grew up with. While imported catfish may be cheaper, its quality is not always comparable to US catfish (this is based on my shopping experience), even fish bought way before the sell by date looks unappetizing at times. We were taught as kids that if the fish is really fresh, it does not require much dressing up, it is already tasty and this quality comes up sharply for curries but is easily masked if the fish is marinate/coated and then fired/grilled/baked. Perhaps American catfish is higher priced but it tastes better and I know what safety standards it is required to meet. I do not doubt that other countries have rigorous standards as well but just from the cook’s point of view, imported catfish can be disappointing.

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