Farming Friday Series: How a Farmer defines Himself and his Farm

When I started this blog, it was a step into a journey as much of writing and sharing as of learning. And one of the first things I learnt is that,as an urban consumer, I had only the faintest notion of how our food is grown and my experience of food is mainly from the fork’s perspective rather than the field so to stay true to my goal of taking a thoughtful look at the journey of food from the field to the fork, I would like to start a series aimed at improving this aspect. So, every Friday I will share a post from the many interesting and lively farmers blogs that I have had the pleasure to discover.

First up in the Friday Farming series: hear from a farmer who makes the point that it is not the size of the farm alone that makes it a “family farm” or a “factory farm” but also who works there.

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