‘Frostbite on their teats’ and other cold weather farming issues

Heard a lot of complaints about the polar vortex? At least you are not a farmer who gets no snow days….


Ryan Goodman has been involved in agriculture all of his life, working on ranches across the country, as well as studying cattle nutrition and reproduction at the college levels. He works daily with farmers and ranchers, helping their voices become part of the national dialogues on food and agriculture topics. You can reach him on Twitter @AgProudRyan, as well as his personal blog, AgricultureProud.com.

Winter storm Ion, polar vortex, or cold outbreak. No matter which term we use to describe this week’s weather across much of the country, it has been downright cold. Most of us are aware of precautions to prepare our homes and pets for the harsh conditions, but how are farmers and ranchers dealing with all of this weather?

Last year we talked about how there is no such thing as a snow day on the farm or ranch. Livestock must still be fed…

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2 responses to “‘Frostbite on their teats’ and other cold weather farming issues

  1. Thanks for sharing this post! Glad to help get the farmers’ messages out. I have reposted the article on my personal blog with live links to all the farmers’ blogs mentioned in the article – http://wp.me/pTIK1-2g8

    • I believe urban consumers (like me!) would benefit from knowing more about what growing food really means so I am glad to learn more from you! Hope the weather is somewhat better for you now!

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