Dentist: Chocolate and cola are better than kale juice

As we make healthy resolutions for the new year, perhaps the first one to be to apply common sense when making decisions and trust those who have specialized knowledge in that field.


Just to be clear at the outset, we’re not going after kale. Or kale juice. Or juice of any sort. It’s easy enough to prove that pretty much anything you can put in your body will do weird things to various organs if you consume too much of it. That doesn’t mean everything is bad for you; it just means that moderation is advisable. Or, as Melissa McEwen put it, “Maybe you shouldn’t juice a pound of kale and drink it for breakfast every day.”

But, uh, that’s what Jennifer Berman did, basically. Berman, who “was into health food before it was cool,” writes in the New York Times:

Imagine my shock, then, at my last physical, when my doctor told me I had hypothyroidism, common in women over 40. When I got home I looked up the condition on the Internet and found a list of foods…

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