Why Soils Matter in the Global Food Security Debate

Informative read on something we tend to forget or even take for granted!

Some of you may know (although I have to confess that I was personally unaware until yesterday) that last week was ‘Global Soil Week’ when more than 450 scientists, policy makers and practitioners from 71 countries gathered together in Berlin to discuss the role of soils in society. The theme of the week was ‘Losing Ground?’ and many topics were discussed including the economics of land degradation, which strategies to use to ensure the sustainable use of soils and land in order to achieve water, energy and food security and how best to manage soil in a sustainable manner?

Reading about the week has made me realise that I haven’t yet discussed ‘soil’ explicitly on thinkingcountry. I am currently writing an undergraduate dissertation thesis on earthworms and whilst I personally find them and their soil environments endlessly fascinating, I realise that many people see the ground beneath our feet as…

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