Great Moments In Fact-Checking

This was interesting….

The Dish

Many of Snapple’s “Real Facts” aren’t facts:

Elephants actually sleep three to seven hours a night, not two (#35), according to the San Diego Zoo. The Statue Snapple Facts Fakeof Liberty wasn’t the first electric lighthouse (#179); that distinction belongs to the Souter Lighthouse, according to the UK National Trust. And the average American doesn’t walk 18,000 steps a day (#89), not even close. The real tally is more like 5,116 steps, according to a recent study.

Other “Real Facts” are misleading or outdated. A mosquito doesn’t really have “47 teeth” (#50); it has a serrated proboscis — the sharp tube used to suck blood. Pennsylvania isn’t really misspelled on the Liberty Bell (#300) because “Pensylvania” was an accepted spelling in the 18th century, according to the National Park Service. And while the Mona Lisa has no eyebrows (#85), it’s not necessarily because she was painted that way. They just eroded…

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