Choco Pie Withdrawal: North Koreans Crave Their Favorite Treat

News from North Korea that is, for once, not totally gloomy, had to share!


After months of threatening rhetoric, North Korea has severed ties with South Korea. In April, it suspended operations at the jointly run Kaesong Industrial Complex, the last cooperative effort between the two nations. But the Kim leadership is having trouble eradicating the legacy of its capitalist neighbor, which is embodied in the famous Choco Pie — a small, round, chocolate-coated cake filled with marshmallow.

Manufactured by South Korea’s Orion Confectionery, the pies were first given to North Korean workers by their South Korean bosses in lieu of cash bonuses, according to the Guardian. (Cash bonuses were banned because they were considered to be a symbol of capitalism.) Choco Pies were so rare and delicious in snack-deprived Pyongyang that the workers at the complex located just north of the demilitarized zone started selling them on the black market for up to four times their regular price in South Korea, where…

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