Lettuce in a Bag: Green or Not?


An interesting piece  in The Atlantic magazine looks at the downside of buying bagged lettuce. First, is the fact that the between the time it was packed in the bag and the day  it is actually used, the lettuce would have lost a lot of its nutrient value. Secondly, enormous amounts of water are required to wash the lettuce before packing. It would seem that it is better to buy heads of lettuce and wash and cut it at home as needed. I am undecided about the water issue here: washing individual lettuce heads at home also means using a lot of water, perhaps more then washing a lot of lettuce at one time? But the nutrient question does bother me so I try to use the lettuce as soon as I can after I get it. My one attempt at lettuce growing was unsatisfactory because it requires a lot of lettuce plants (not the cute patch I had allocated it in my back yard) to provide salad for a family on a regular basis.  Where do you stand on the lettuce in a bag debate?

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