6 Genetically Modified Foods That Changed the World

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6 responses to “6 Genetically Modified Foods That Changed the World

  1. I find this article quite simplistic and biased.

    • Given the short format they have used here, the treatment might appear simplistic certainly, but would like to know in what ways you found it biased?

      • To me, it reads like pro-GM propaganda. You’re welcome to browse my ‘genetic modification’ tag, where I aim to keep an open mind. The well-respected journal Nature recently devoted an issue to GM, keeping an open mind and concluding that this is a complex set of topics. I haven’t read that Nature issue yet, but I want to read it and to blog about what it says.

      • It certainly puts forward the case for GM more forthrightly than is usually the case. Most of the times, the media is prone to play up (sometimes unfounded ) fears while not reporting on the actual science. There are no guarantees for anything in life but I believe we need to make realistic choices as we prepare to face the challenge of climate change impacting our food system. You will find the Nature issue illuminating I think, will look forward to reading your take on it!

      • I agree that the media plays up any sign of danger or conflict. But that’s no excuse for factual errors like the ones in the article.

        Unless I’m mistaken, the article claims that when GM crops have damaged the monarch butterfly, that had something to do with Bt crops. In fact the evidence (which I’ve reviewed briefly on my blog) is about Roundup Ready corn and soya. There, GM has allowed farmers to remove milkweeds by spraying Roundup (glyphosate), thus starving monarch caterpillars of their food plant http://e360.yale.edu/feature/tracking_the_causes_of_sharp__decline_of_the_monarch_butterfly/2634/

      • I think they link bt corn to the butterfly issue.

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