Why Do We Watch Cooking Shows


My idea of a perfect spring break would have been to laze around at home working my way down the pillar of books at my bedside and , for a change, watching my favorite cooking shows. (Instead, I found myself taking a road trip, indulging in awesome food, and spending way too much on souvenirs without which, kids seem to think , no trip is complete).

There are shows that bring out our inner competitor. We watch “Chopped” and think, ‘Oh, I could do better than that in 20 minutes”. Top Chef is a peek into a world that we never usually get to see and we marvel at the skills on display. Do we ever try to learn anything from these shows or try out these foods at home? Well, Rachel Ray is a practical guide for some, Ina Garten of “Barefoot Contessa” does explain things well and now that she has okayed frozen asparagus, I actually pay attention instead of merely fantasizing about having a kitchen and herb garden like hers. But , by and large, TV shows are entertainment for me. If I want to learn how to make sushi or samosas or want to know how to fillet a fish correctly, I depend on all those helpful people who have posted their videos on YouTube! This post came on as I was reading this lovely piece by Emily Nussbaum in The New Yorker.

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