A Time to Reflect


This week something rare happened in the world. Something that is rare  not just in the world of food, but in our lives in general. Mark Lynas, best known for his environmental work, announced that his anti-GMO position has been a mistake. He said that once he had actually read the research and investigated for himself he concluded that food policy should include genetic modification of crops. This is really rare: reflection on a position and the recognition in public that the position was a mistake and changed.

Most of the coverage on GMOs is negative and is often presented in a way that stirs fear in the minds of consumers, the most recent example being the Seralini rat study. Most of us also do not have the time to read up on the scientific research ourselves, but it does not follow that a technology that is difficult to access is dangerous. There is overwhelming evidence to support the case that GMOs are safe to use. I present a link here and will be happy to provide more in case you wish to research further.

The debate on this issue will continue but, (as has been noted here, and also here, and here) at least it can be conducted in a framework of facts, logic and reason rather than fear.



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