Of Looming Cliffs and Melting Ice

The last of the turkey leftovers are gone and we are now fully awake from the food coma to find, according to the incessant media coverage, that we are hanging off a cliff and in danger of plunging into catastrophe. Hopefully we can claw our way back. But while those involved in solving this do their best headless chicken act, another drama is unfolding in Doha where the climate change conference is being held. There, also, all is sound and fury and we watch in disbelief as no action emerges to tackle a challenge to the planet and the people who inhabit it. And while the debate rages on regarding the placement of the comma goes on the communique that communicates less and obfuscates more, everything that we put on the table to give thanks is threatened, yes,everything  including the wine. 

What, one wonders, would make the urgency on this matter obvious? Perhaps a video of  the melting Arctic ice that will allow ships to navigate through this area for the first time? Or perhaps they might need to consider the information in these handy charts?

Climate change is going to have a major impact on a food system that is already under pressure. How will we meet this challenge if we are going to pretend it does not even exist?

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