Bonus Pumpkins!!

It often seems like all news is dreary news: unstable climate, drought, food price rise, presidential debates which do not even mention any of these issues, the list goes on. However, today there is a very bright, orange ray of hope. Apparently pumpkins love the dry weather so this year we are blessed with a bumper crop. What is really important, though,  is what we do with that crop. For one thing, it would be nice to enjoy the fun of carving one jack o lantern but be careful not to waste too many in this way while there are kids going to bed hungry every night.

This might also be a good point to embrace seasonal eating and try out delicious new recipes. After all, the pumpkin is versatile and can go into everything from soup to dessert, and the roasted seeds are awesome as well. It is also rich in fiber and Vitamin A and low in calories so, really good for us. If you are wondering if the kids will take to it, let me share my story: mine were quite young and they totally believed me when I told them that eating pumpkin would give them magical powers which would come in handy when all the spooky creatures were out on Halloween! That will not work for the tweens but there must be at least one out of the 41 described here,  that will please those picky palates.

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