How to Cook Vegetables

This seemed a particularly appropriate topic for  Meatless Monday but is actually relevant whenever we are cooking vegetables. This process always brings up two important issues: nutrient value and flavor. As this article shows, cooking at high heat, for a long time and with lots of water is associated with nutrient loss. Cooking in a microwave which takes less time (and less energy and is therefore more “green”) means less nutrient loss. I love roasting vegetables but I may have to rethink how long I expose them to heat.  Flavor is also crucial; “eat it because its good for you” is not always a winning strategy , as most parents will agree, food had to taste good too. Flavor can be introduced in a number of ways, salt and butter/cream should be used in moderation, a squeeze of lemon juice or herbs boosts the taste of the vegetables themselves instead of masking it. And, if you prefer a little heat, a light dusting of chilly flakes will brighten up any dish!  The main thing is to make vegetables an integral part of our meals and specially to inculcate this habit into our kids.

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