The Story Behind Frozen Peas

Before I went off to the hospital to have my baby, I showed off to my mother the  stock of frozen vegetables in the freezer: peas, beans, greens, this would last us a while. She, more used to picking out what she wanted from the fresh arrivals in her neighborhood market everyday, looked doubtful. By the end of her stay though, she was a convert! With deft handling, those frozen vegetables can make a meal in minutes. So who thought this one up?  Clarence Birdseye was the man who made it all possible and this new book by Mark Kurlansky , relates his fascinating story.He traveled the world, sampling different types of food and then found a way to bring  them all to the table. And no, frozen is not inferior to fresh from the nutritional perspective because the produce is frozen at its peak. I am looking forward to reading the full story!

And if fresh is more your thing, and you are looking to grow your own garden, here is the story of the White House vegetable garden, among other interesting details.

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