Look Before You Buy

It is the weekend and many of us are going to be grocery shopping for the week, so this might be a good time to reflect on this fact: an average American family throws out an estimated $130-$175 a month in food that is spoiled, or simply not required. This number reflects what we pay at the checkout but think also of the inputs, soil, nutrients, water, labor that went into producing that food, which were taken from the planet and simply destroyed. So, before we rush out to buy more stuff  to stick in to the refrigerator, here is a checklist:

First, make a menu plan for the week. You do not have to plan all the details but get a basic idea, like, Tuesday dinner will be grilled chicken and vegetables and that can be worked into a packed lunch for the next day.

Second, inspect the fridge and pantry to see what ingredients might already be available there.

Third, now make a list of  what you need to get.

Four, do not hit the grocery store without having a meal first.Research shows that we buy more stuff and more unhealthy stuff when we are hungry.

Hopefully, this will lead to less waste and more savings!

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