Wholesome or not?


Whole Foods has a wholesome aura. When we walk in, we tend to suspend our skepticism and give in to the idea that we are surrounded by sustainable, local produce from a family farm. The reality is that Whole Foods carries conventional produce as well as organic and some of it may even have arrived on it’s shelves from a different continent altogether. This article brings out some of the questions that we all struggle  with as we try to eat healthy, respect the environment and balance our budget!  One important consideration that will help make these decisions is to eat seasonal produce. It is summer, blueberries are growing all around us so they are local, and we can even pick our own organic ones at a nearby farm. If it is winter and you are looking at blueberries, they have traveled a long way, will cost more and not taste as good; so vote with your feet and your wallet, do not buy any and the store will not be motivated to stock them. Small actions can have a big impact.

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