The Gardens of Washington D.C.

On my way back from enjoying the lovely cherry blossoms, I noticed a change in the surroundings. Yes, the Department of Agriculture building was where it always has been ,but the green area in front of it is now a miniature garden growing ,among other things, winter wheat (below). Lots of people were stopping by and pointing out to their children that this is how their food actually grows so it does seem to be getting people interested in the Department’s work.

Then I came across this story on the D.C. non-profit called Bread in the City which  has set up a 30 bed vegetable garden on the rooftop of its newly expanded service center in the city.

Finally, the most famous garden of them all, the White House kitchen garden is the subject of a new children’s book

2 responses to “The Gardens of Washington D.C.

  1. And here I am cheated by the worthless promise of my gardeners …waiting in vain for a vegetable garden…

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