The Thing About Vegetables….


… that we have forgotten how to cook them! So says Francis Lam in this piece, and I have to agree. If I eat outside (not in an ethnic restaurant), my options with vegetables seem are usually limited to raw salads, boiled/steamed or at best a quick stir-fry. Even some vegetarian restaurants seem to be preoccupied with trying to make their diners comfortable with the no-meat situation rather than celebrating the vegetables themselves. And that is sad, because not only are vegetables (and black beans, kidney beans etc) good for us, they pack a real taste punch. So , lets make this year of the vegetables and also give the poor planet a break! For starters, I am going to try to grow some of my own vegetables this year. Planter+ soil+seed+water+sunlight how hard can it be, right? Will keep you posted on that! And once  they ripen, break out the olive oil, dust off the spice jars and revel in a summer feast!!

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