The Food Debate as Class War



Back from the biggest food day of the year to an interesting analysis on the food debate: namely,that the food debate is assuming the shape of a class/culture war. The way we eat, the piece says, is not defined by access or affordability alone, it is also a matter of preference and some people will choose the Big Mac over other options no matter how much information they are given. The authors write about their experience in Huntington, W.Va, made famous by Jamie Oliver’s TV show. While they were able to buy fresh, organic produce at reasonable prices and cook at home, they found people opting to eat at higher prices at fast food joints.Commentators on the right say people should eat what they want, preaching alternatives is an insidious attempt to foist liberal upper class opinions on others. This is a strange argument. In effect it says, “do not listen to those who urge healthier food habits because they are trying to subvert your freedom of choice but listen to me as I encourage you to eat in a way that harms your health”! At Thought+Food, the motto has been “Always read the label”, maybe we should add “Always thinks for yourself” to that.

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