GM Foods In a Different Light

GM Foods have been lauded as the silver bullet that will save the world or reviled as “Frankenfoods”. The truth, of course, is at neither of these extremes.  The Atlantic’s excellent article on Golden Rice shows a nuanced and ultimately winning picture. In particular, the public-private partnership that is guiding this project toward delivery of seeds to poor farmers, free of license, is a fitting reply to those who think that the word “Monsanto” is an adequate reason for their rigid opposition to the adoption of biotechnology.

One response to “GM Foods In a Different Light

  1. Very cool article. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    I found your blog through a trackback on the Global Conference for Biofortification blog. I write about genetic engineering, among other subjects, over at Biofortified. If you’re ever interested in a more nuanced discussion on the science behind ag, I hope you’ll visit. We’re always looking for guest posts as well, if you might be interested in writing a post on ag econ or something.

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