Obesity and Hunger are Linked

When families are struggling to meet ends meet, they may make less than optimal food choices. Fresh produce is more expensive than a meal deal at a fast food outlet. So while they are fighting to stave off  hunger, people may be choosing a diet that leads to obesity. NPR’s series  points out that the money the government intends to spend to fight hunger must also take into account the need for a healthy diet. While there is little to debate on that score, (although for some people including lawmakers the link is hard to grasp as the article also points out),  it  was  interesting that the child interviewed in the program is described as “picky”. When the family is facing the prospect of going hungry, picky cannot be part of the equation. The government, food banks, non-profits, charities, other donors can all be mobilized to fight the dual battles of hunger and childhood obesity but “picky”? That, the parents have to fix!

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