The Crisis in the Food Production System

Jeremy Harding writes in The London Review of Books about the possible crisis in food production and delivery systems as we know them today. He outlines “seven stories” that shape the narrative of the unraveling of the food system. While the discussion pertains mostly to the UK, the questions it raises about what we eat and how it is grown and shared among the six billion people on the planet is one that we are aware of. We can also see the reaction of worried consumers in the growing trend towards “eating local” and vegetable gardens.This article is a great read because it provides all the pieces of the picture in a cohesive way.

But  it is going to take a whole host of concerned consumers, producers and governments for us to escape the harshest consequences of the current excesses. What can we do? Support the local farmer’s market, try to grow something yourself (they tell me lettuce is practically indestructible!) and take a moment to reflect on how the asparagus or strawberries or steak or tuna came to arrive on your plate before you bite into it.

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